Rankings: Pre-Workout (Daily Drivers)

Here are our top 10 daily driver pre-workouts in no particular order! These are daily drivers that can be taken regularly.

Top 10 – In no particular order

Alpha Neon – Maximum Carnage

Unfortunately, we have only tried this once, but we were so impressed that Maximum Carnage has made it into our top 10. Its similar in effects to Enigma – Paradox but it is lower caffeine at just 200mg per serving.

Best for: Low caffeine, dialled in focus


Beast Pharm – STIM

Review coming coon

Best for: Performance

Discount: Use code WHEYITUP for 10% off!


Best for: Focus, high intensity

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Efectiv – Elite

Best for: All rounder at a great price

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Murdered Out – Insidious

Best for: Determined focus

HR Labs – Defib V3

Best for: Flavours, all-rounder

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Mode Nutrition – Beast Mode

Best for: Low stim, good performance (recovery)

More Formula – Bangarang V2

Best for: Intro to high stim

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Wolf Supplements – Wolf Juice

Best for: Value (90p per serving), overperforming it’s label

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Illegal Nutrition – PREmium Workout

Best for: Huge pumps, versatile product.


  • Label strength does not always match actual effects and each product may effect each individual differently.
  • Ingredients in these products can cause insomnia and loss of appetite. Always do your research.
  • Any extreme rating of 7+ we recommend you start with a smaller dose to assess tolerance and not to be taken every day.
  • Do not take these supplements if you’re a beginner or sensitive to stimulants.
  • Some supplements listed may contain ingredients that could cause an individual to fail a drug test.
  • The ratings given are the opinion of WheyItUp.co.uk and should not be taken as medial advice.
  • Results in descriptions, reviews and testimonials may not be typical results and individual results may vary. Speak with your doctor or physician before undertaking any new weight reduction, supplement, or exercise regime.