Pre-Workout Label Strength Ratings

The ratings below are given out of 10. They are based on strength of the label. For example, a pre-workout with an energy of 6 out of 10 does not mean this is bad, it just means there are pre-workouts on the market that have an energy rating of 7, 8, 9 or 10 which will typically give more energy. Each individual will have a “sweet spot” depending on experience/tolerance to various stimulants and actual effects can differ to label ratings. View the video review to hear about the real effects.

Rankings explained:

  • Column headings: CPS = Cost Per Serving, En = Energy, Fo = Focus, Pu = Pump, Ex = Extreme rating (Ratings out of 10)
  • All pre-workout strength ratings are based on label ingredients at max recommended dosage.
  • Our rating system is based on each ingredient and carefully designed by Whey It Up to ensure consistency across ratings.
  • Click the product name or brand to view the product.

Pre-Workout Ratings

BrandProductCPSEnFoPuExtreme RatingDiscount codeReview
APOLLONTimecop V2£2.761010910. God speedWIU15
ALPHA NEONDarkside Onslaught Ultima£1.141010910. God speedWHEYITUP10
ALPHA NEONDarkside Onslaught£1.05910810. God speedWHEYITUP10
PSYCHO PHARMAEdge Of Insanity£1.171010610. God speedWIU5%
APOLLONHooligans (Ltd Ed)£2.55108710. God speedWIU15
EXTERMIS CARTELEl Jefe£1.851010910. God speedWIU5%
APOLLONHooligan V6£2.5510889. Strong high stimWIU15
APOLLONAssasin V7£2.34101069. Strong high stimWIU15
DARK LABSCrack Reloaded£2.35101069. Strong high stimWIU5%
ALPHA LIONSuperhuman Extreme£1.6910969. Strong high stimWIU5%
APOLLONOvertime V3£2.1081029. Strong high stimWIU15
ALPHA NEONDarkside£0.609659. Strong high stim
SPORT ASYLUMSanitarium£0.6710519. Strong high stim
AFFINITYPrimal One£1.1710849. Strong high stim
HUSTLIN LABZHead Rush£1.6010769. Strong high stim
DORIAN YATES NOX Pump Ultimate£1.5010679. Strong high stimMultibuy discount
CHAOS CREWStim Head£1.1410639. Strong high stimWHEYITUP
CONTAGIOUS SUPPLEMENTSPre-Workout£1.509359. Strong High StimWHEYITUP10
APOLLONTriumph£3.19101098. High stimWIU15
DNA SPORTSH8 V3£1.2810948. High stimWHEYITUP
GORILLALPHAAlien Juice£1.58101058. High stimWHEYITUP
GORILLALPHAIbiza Juice£1.8010688. High stimWHEYITUP
APOLLONHooligan Young Blood£2.348988. High stimWIU15
ILLEGAL NUTRITIONPREmium Workout£2.3397128. High stim
GAS MARK 10No Games£1.779578. High Stim
PUMP NATIONThe Pharmacist£1.269348. High stimPUMP10
STROMStimumax Extreme£1.179548. High stimMultibuy discount
NMPPresidential Pre£1.189978. High stimWHEYITUP
KLOUTMamba Extreme£1.578768. High stimWHEYITUP
BK LABSStorm£0.939938. High stimWHEYITUP20
STROMStimumax Pro Black£1.078738. High stim
ROCKET RIDEPre-Workout£0.739538. High stim
SABERTOOTH NUTRITIONBlackbolt£1.708668. High stim
CHAOS CREWBring The Chaos V2£1.338758. High stimWHEYITUP
PEAK PERFORMANCE LABSNuclear Pre£1.589798. High stimWIU10
PHARMA GRADEPre£1.529788. High stimWHEYITUP
TBJPDo Not F**cking Miss£1.4710647. Low high stimWHEYITUP
WOLF SUPPLEMENTSWolf Juice (On Juice)£1.698787. Low high stimWHEYITUP10
FIREBALL LABZJaw Breaker£0.937867. Low high stimMultibuy discount
ILLEGAL NUTRITIONPREmium Workout£1.7586117. Low high stim
STROMStimumax Pro£1.007647. Low high stimMultibuy discount
NAUGHTY BOYMenace£1.077657. Low high stimMultibuy discount
APOLLONFuriosa (Pills)£1.918867. Low high stimWIU15
ALPHA NEONDarkshred£1.178857. Low high stimMultibuy discount
ARCTIC-BERG NUTRITIONPolar Bear Juice 2.0£0.9210767. Low high stimWIU15
INNOVAPHARMMVPre£1.807887. Low high stimMultibuy discount
SPORTS NUTRITION SANDBACHDynamite£1.6010857. Low high stim
GORILLALPHAYeti Juice£1.589687. Low high stimWHEYITUP
EFECTIVStim Shot£0.608217. Low high stimMultibuy discount
CHEMICAL WARFAREThe Bomb£1.759777. Low high stim
ALPHA LIONSuper Human Supreme£1.729777. Low high stimMultibuy discount
DR VICThe Mask£1.008537. Low high stim
SPORT ASYLUMManiac£1.008777. Low high stim
HUGE SUPPLEMENTSWrecked£2.1987107. Low high stimWIU5%
CENTURION LABZGod of Rage£1.148847. Low high stimWIU5%
ALPHA NEONDarkside Reload (Pills)£0.608537. Low high stim
ADAPT NUTRITIONPre-Train X£1.208657. Low high stimMultibuy discount
COLD BLOODEDSurvive£1.117987. Low high stim
CONTEH SPORTSConviction£1.259757. Low high stimWHEYITUP
DR VICPre Workout£1.176767. Low high stim
BEAST PHARMStim£1.059546. Strong DailyWHEYITUP
MORE FORMULABangarang V2£1.197666. Strong dailyWIU15
LYCAN LABSWolfsbane£1.357676. Strong dailyWHEYITUP10
RYSEGodzilla£3.007796. Strong dailyMultibuy discount
ILLEGAL NUTRITIONPREmium Workout£1.1775106. Strong daily
HR LABSDefib V3£1.569886. Strong dailyWHEYITUP
REVIEW BROSDaily Driver£2.037886. Strong dailyWIU10
RETRO MUSCLEMiami Nights£1.088776. Strong dailyWIU10
EFECTIVElite£0.957876. Strong dailyWIU5
EFECTIVLegacy£1.669676. Strong dailyWIU5
NAUGHTY BOYWinter Soldier Pre-Workout£1.9571036. Strong daily
10x ATHLETICExtreme Stim£1.528476. Strong dailyWHEYITUP
MURDERED OUTShook£1.327556. Strong dailyMultibuy discount
MUSCLE RAGELimitless£0.957756. Strong dailyWHEYITUP
DORIAN YATES Blood and Guts£1.158456. Strong dailyMulyibuy discount
BUCKED UPWoke AF£1.337546. Strong daily
DNA SPORTSVibe£0.616646. Strong dailyWHEYITUP
BLACK MAMBARattler£1.757866. Strong daily
MANTICOREInvicta£1.807866. Strong dailyWHEYITUP20
REDRUM NUTRITIONSawn Off£1.327676. Strong daily
KILLER STACK LABS0:HR£1.168736. Strong daily
MURDERED OUTInsidious£1.206665. Daily driverMultibuy discount
RYSELoaded£1.077435. Daily driverMultibuy discount
RYSEProject: Blackout£1.327435. Daily driverMultibuy discount
ALPHA LIONSuper Human£1.117585. Daily driverWHEYITUP
AXE & SLEDGESeventh Gear£1.107725. Daily drivermultibuy discount
ALPHA NEONMaximum Carnage£1.406775. Daily driverWHEYITUP10
COMBAT FUELThe Pre-Workout£1.286765. Daily driverWHEYITUP15
DNA SPORTSDynamic£0.966845. Daily driverWHEYITUP
LYFT POWDERSMad Dog£0.876555. Daily driver
PER4MPre£1.056365. Daily driverWHEYITUP10
ATHLEA NUTRITIONExert£1.806685. Daily driverWIU15
APOLLONLionheart£2.757645. Daily driverWIU15
WOLF SUPPLEMENTSWolf Juice£0.905565. Daily driverWHEYITUP10
ENIGMA SUPPSParadox£1.587775. Daily driverWIU10
WAZZTwisted£0.906465. Daily driverWIU10
THE FORMULALimitless£1.755895. Daily driver Soon
STROMStimumax£1.005535. Daily driver
THOR SUPPLEMENTSPreOdin£0.486405. Daily driverWIU10
ARMOURED BODY NUTRITIONABN Preworkout£0.506135. Daily driver
REDRUM NUTRITIONOne Eight Seven£0.907445. Daily driver
STROMFocusMax£0.895915. Daily driver
OPULENCE NUTRITIONSequence£4.006565. Daily driverWHEYITUP20
ALPHA NUTRITIONUltimate Pre-Workout£1.505364. Low dailyWHEYITUP10
MODE NUTRITIONBeast Mode£1.455354. Low daily
MYPROTEINThe Pre-workout +£1.306674. Low dailyMYPMYSTERY
EHP LABSPride£1.606574. Low dailymultibuy discount
KLOUTKarma£1.335764. Low dailyWHEYITUP
NUTRIBOLDEnergizd£0.685664. Low dailyWIU15
CELLUCORC4 Ultimate£1.307464. Low dailymultibuy discount
GERMAN PHARMAPR3£0.905754. Low dailyWIU10
GHOSTLegend£1.485754. Low dailymultibuy discount
GRENADE.50 Calibre£1.507334. Low daily
MESOMORPH NUTRITIONRoid Rage£1.176464. Low daily
REDRUM NUTRITIONAssault£1.805794. Low daily
EFECTIVThe Edge£0.845544. Low dailyWIU5
ALPHA NUTRITIONPremium Pre-Workout£0.944253. Strong beginnerWHEYITUP10
SILVERRBACKRampage£1.206673. Strong beginnerWIU10
REDCON1Total War£0.936463. Strong beginner
MYPROTEINPre-Workout (2 servings)£0.836363. Strong beginnerMPMYSTERY
HOCUS POCUS LABSCaflunked£0.835553. Strong beginner Soon
BUCKED UPBAMF£1.336543. Strong beginner
CNPFull Tilt£0.796433. Strong beginnerWHEYITUP
EFECTIVAdvanced£0.636313. Strong beginnerWIU5
CELLUCORC4 Original (2 servings)£0.876223. Strong beginner
JYMPre-Jym£1.555572. Beginner
WARRIORRage Savage£0.835642. BeginnerWSWHEYITUP
REFLEXMuscle Bomb£1.855372. Beginner
TOTAL POWERElev8£0.905642. Beginner
NATIVE STRENGTHFire Water Inferno£1.105442. Beginner
ADAPT NUTRITIONPre-Train V2£0.375452. Beginner
RICH PIANA 5%Kill It£0.805452. Beginner
PERFORMANCESupercharge£1.005542. Beginner
BULKElevate Pre-Workout£1.305362. Beginner
OPTIMUM NUTRITIONGold Standard Advanced£1.405352. Beginner
XL NUTRITIONThe Purge£0.575222. Beginnermultibuy discount
PROSUPPSHyde Nightmare£1.055442. Beginnermultibuy discount
CRAZY TEDDYChaos£0.785322. Beginner
SCI-MXStim£0.405432. Beginner
THE RASCALThe Rascal Pre-Workout£0.675332. Beginner
USNB4 Bomb£0.754442. Beginner
PROTEIN WORKSRaze Extreme£0.765232. Beginner
QRP NUTRITIONCrazy Prawn£0.905642. BeginnerWHEYITUP
CELLUCORC4 Extreme Energy£0.735212. Beginner
NATIVE STRENGTHFire Water£1.004341. Low beginner
MYPROTEINThe Pre-workout£0.653361. Low beginnerMPMYSTERY
AFFINITYPrimal Core II£0.753531. Low beginner
BSNNo-Xplode£0.604351. Low beginner
BULKElevate Zero£1.304261. Low beginner
REFLEXPre-Workout (2 servings)£1.204341. Low beginnermultibuy discount
MYPROTEINVegan Pre-Workout£0.653261. Low beginnerMPMYSTERY
BUCKED UP Bucked Up£1.333341. Low beginner
APPLIED NUTRITIONPump 3g£0.924141. Low beginner
BANDITPre-Workout£1.164441. Low beginner
APPLIED NUTRITIONAll Black Everything (ABE)£0.694231. Low beginnerWIU10
GYMSHARKPre (ABE repacked)£1.004231. Low beginner
BULKComplete Pre-Workout£1.083241. Low beginner
PHDCharge£1.003411. Low beginner
BULKPre-workout Advanced£1.032241. Low beginner
ICONIgnite£1.104121. Low beginner
QRP NUTRITIONBoxer£0.674311. Low beginner
NUKE NUTRITIONBlast (2 servings)£0.603111. Low beginner
MAXIMUSCLEPre-Workout£1.474121. Low beginner
WOMENS JUICEPre-Workout£0.833121. Low beginner
FRE3DOM SUPLEMENTSFre3dom Fuel£0.912131. Low Beginner
OPTIMUM NUTRITIONGold Standard Plant£0.872131. Low beginner
SMART PROTEINPower UP£1.172211. Low beginner
OPTIMUM NUTRITIONGold Standard Pre-Workout£0.832111. Low beginner
JNX SPORTSThe Curse (BLEND)£0.42
TANKEDSmash (BLEND)£0.20
TANKEDPower Plant (BLEND)£0.50


  • Label strength does not always match actual effects and each product may effect each individual differently.
  • Any extreme rating of 7+ we recommend you start with a smaller dose to assess tolerance and possibly not to be taken every day.
  • Some supplements listed may contain ingredients that could cause an individual to fail a drug test.
  • The ratings given are the opinion of and should not be taken as medial advice.
  • Results in descriptions, reviews and testimonials may not be typical results and individual results may vary. Speak with your doctor or physician before undertaking any new weight reduction, supplement, or exercise regime.