Rankings: Whey Concentrate

With 16 whey concentrates in our database (view here), here are our top 10.

Whey concentrate normally has 75% to 80% protein content meaning a 25g serving will pack up to 20g of protein. The rest will form mainly fat and carbohydrates. It’s often the cheapest form of whey you can buy and has a great amino acid profile. It is absorbed quickly once consumed (around 2 to 2.5 hours) so ideal to take post workout to immediately aid recovery and growth. When comparing whey concentrate supplements, do keep an eye on the protein content as some have been known to go below 75%. Whey mixes easily and often tastes great.

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So here is our top 10! As with all prices displayed at Whey It Up, prices are based on the most cost effective purchasing option.

10. Maximuscle – Raw Max Whey Concentrate

Consistently high 77% protein content. Sports tested and approved by informed sport to be safe for professional athletes of all levels. Slightly too pricey to feature higher on the list.

30g serving, 113 kCals, 23g protein at 94p per serving.

9. My Protein – Coffee Boost Whey

Whey concentrate with added caffeine and vitamins.

At 80% protein content and 95mg caffeine, it packs a protein punch equal to the best of protein shakes and the caffeine equal to a strong coffee.

25g serving, 98 kCals, 20g protein, 95mg caffeine at roughly 70p per serving depending on what discount code My Protein are offering at the time.

8. Bodybuilding Warehouse – Pure 80

76% protein content which rivals a lot of bigger brands. On it’s day, BBW.com offers great discounts to a max of 60% BW products so the price can make this a great value product.

25g serving, 94 kCals (joint lowest in the top 10), 19g protein at 73p BEFORE any discount. If you catch Bodybuilding Warehouse’s 60% offer, you’ll pay just 29p per serving!

7. Optimum Nutrition – Lean Whey

Lean Whey is the whey concentrate on our database with the lowest amount of carbohydrates per serving at just 0.3g per 23g whey. Important if your cutting carbohydrates from your diet.

The alternative is to opt for whey isolate which typically sacrifices the great taste of concentrate.

23g serving, 85 kCals, 17g protein (74%) at £1 per serving.

6. My Protein – Impact Whey Protein Elite

My Protein’s trusty whey protein concentrate but improved. This whey has been sports tested and approved by informed sport to be safe for professional athletes of all levels.

80% protein content depending on flavour at roughly 56p per serving after any discount My Protein are offering.

5. PHD – 100% Whey

PHD are another brand that only deal in high quality products. As low as number 5 mainly due to the fact you can only order 1kg bags meaning you can’t benefit from any bulk buying discount.

At 63p per serving it’s a little on the pricey side but it’s worth checking the website to see what deals they’ve got on as they often offer 40% off which makes this an absolute steal! At 80% protein content, this is top quality product.

4. Best – Whey Protein

A wildcard in at 4!

Best protein is here as you can’t get better at this price point. At 32p per serving it’s the cheapest concentrate on our list.

It’s nutritionally transparent so we can tell there’s no plant based ingredients hidden or amino spiking (adding cheaper individual amino acids to artificially up the protein content) to bulk it out.

It’s 76% protein content at a fraction of the price of other bigger brands.

3. My Protein – Impact Whey

The cheapest of the concentrates that offer 80% protein content, but the reason we’ve placed My Protein behind Protein Works is that the protein content in Impact Whey is more variable. For example, the chocolate mint flavour is down at 73% protein content yet their vanilla flavour rivals the top two in our list.

There are lots of flavours available and at roughly 46p per serving for a 5kg bag (pricing in a fairly standard 35% discount) it’s a great choice, but do choose your flavour wisely.

2. Protein Works – Whey Protein Concentrate

Protein Works deliver high quality products and you can be sure to be getting 77%-80% protein content depending on flavour.

With their normal discounted pricing (normally 35% upwards), you should expect to pay around 49p per serving when opting for a 4kg bag.

1. Optimum Nutrition – Gold Standard

It’s called Gold Standard for a reason. A joint industry leading 80% protein content (for whey concentrate) and for less than 60p per serving at best price and 14 delicious flavours to choose from, the only down side is because ON guarantee quality, you’ll be hard pushed to see them giving out any discounts.