Rankings: Strongest Pre-Workouts

Warning: The majority of the supplements on this list contain ingredients that are not UK compliant (Eg: DMHA/DMAA/Yohimbine). They may also cause abnormalities in sporting drug tests. These products are for experienced pre-workout users looking for top tier strength. Possible side affects include: Cold sweats, increased heart rate and heaviness of breathing, appetite suppression, crashes/comedowns and inability to sleep.

DMAA/DMHA pre’s aren’t pre-workouts that we at Whey It Up use so the list below is based on others experiences. With that said, here are the 10 strongest pre-workouts (in no particular order) that you can pick up in the UK without paying extortionate shipping costs.

Dark Labs – Herolean

Best for: Fat burning

Dark Labs – Undead King

Best for: Arguably the strongest, most potent pre-workout on the market

Dark Labs – Crack Gold

Best for: Euphoria

Apollon Nutrition – Timecop V2

Best for: Strong nootropic focus

Alpha Neon – Darkside Ultima

Best for: Strong but no synthetic DMAA/DMHA or yohimbine.

Koka Labs – Dexter Halloween

Best for: Euphoria and overall potency. Take 4 scoops at your own risk.

Elev8 Supps – Decim8

Best for: Focus based around euphoria/highness.

Dark Labs – Flame V2

Best for: Aggression

Badass Labs – The Power

Best for: Energy and euphoria

Koka Labs – Explosion

Best for: Productivity

Honourable mentions

  • So Cal Labs – Wildfire
  • Dark Labs – Crack Barbarian
  • Imperial Nutrition – Excelsior (Note: Different batches seem to hit differently so check if the current batch is potent)