Rankings: Protein Blend

Some protein powders mix fast absorbing and highly bioavailable whey with other protein sources such as casein, a slower releasing protein or milk protein which is inferior quality but provides the awesome taste and texture that most love. These proteins are often better taken through the day to up protein intake, but can be taken post workout. The most common protein sources you’ll see are:

Micellar casein. A slow release protein. Good for upping your protein during a day if needing a boost. It’s bioavailability is slightly lower than whey.

Milk protein. A mixture of 20% whey and 80% casein but naturally keeps more fat, carbohydrates, lactose and minerals that milk contains so poorer quality than micellar casein.

Skimmed milk protein. A poor quality ingredient that yields roughly 35% protein.

Below are the top protein blends on the market!

Alpha Neon – Super 4

Super 4 named due to the 4 protein sources included in a fully transparent label. Roughly 50% of the blend is whey with slightly more of the superior isolate than concentrate. Another roughly 25% is micellar casein and finally milk protein isolate meaning they can provide great taste alongside the quality.

Alpha Neon recommend a 35g serving providing a whopping 28.9g protein (84% protein!) at a reasonable price tag of £2.14 per 100g with our discount code at WolfSupplements.co.uk.

Strom Sports – Velosiwhey

Velosiwhey gets it’s name from the ingredient Velositol which which increases muscle protein synthesis which means better recovery and better muscle growth.

This beast of a protein powder is comprised of 80% whey concentrate and 20% casein with no inferior milk protein added yet somehow tastes amazing.

A 30g serving provides 22g protein but the added Velositol means your body will utilise the protein as if it were over 30g.

Lactase has also been added as a digestive aid for those that struggle to digest protein powder.

Price is a premium here however at £3.38 per 100g with our discount code at WolfSupplements.co.uk.

Unrivalled – AGF