Rankings: Pre-Workouts (Entry – Intermediate)

We have over 150 pre-workout supplements in our database of products sold in the UK (view full database here) and here are our top (currently 8) pre-workouts for beginners that contain stimulants (eg caffeine) in no particular order. The world of pre-workouts can be confusing so you may want to read about the common ingredients in some detail, or skim the quick overview below of the ingredients proven to be effective by research.

Ingredients that you’ll find in many entry level pre-workouts:

  • 100mg – 300mg caffeine for energy and focus.
  • Beta-alanine 2g – 3.2g for energy, endurance and performance (this gives you the tingle/itchiness).
  • Citrulline 4g – 6g for increased blood flow giving muscle pumps, increased performance and focus.
  • Taurine 1g for performance.
  • Creatine 3g-5g for performance.
  • Tyrosine 0.5g – 1g for focus.

Optimum Nutrition – EAA Energy

If you need just a little boost, this could be a great product for you at 81p per serving. Just 100mg caffeine (one strong cup of coffee), 10g EAAs and zero sugar this could be a great little boost pre-workout while getting those essential protein building blocks. Great for something like fasted cardio.

Other ingredients added are a little pointless at the doses, but this very low stimulant product is perfect for anyone that wants a tiny boost.

My Protein – Pre-Workout Blend

This pre-workout is a hidden gem IF you look beyond the one scoop serving suggestion and take a double serving (which is still under £1 per serving if applying one of MP’s constantly offered discount codes).

As a beginner, you can start with one scoop and work up to the two which will deliver the recommended minimum expected 4g citrulline (plus 3g arginine to supplement), plus a clinical dose of 3.2g beta-alanine and betaine to add to the extras of 2g taurine and 2g tyrosine. It’s packed with a lot of nutrients to give energy and pump!

What’s more is that My Protein must have read our previous review and have lowered the caffeine content so a double serving now provides 300mg (down from 340mg). The guarana will give it a kick so maybe don’t start with 2 servings straight away!

Redcon1 – Total War

Total War is another well dosed pre-workout with minimum recommended 4g citrulline, a high clinical dose of 3.2g beta-alanine for a tingly itchy feeling,cand taurine. It also has agmatine sulfate which gives larger pumps when combined with the minimum dose of citrulline.

Total War splits it’s caffeine 250mg/100mg between fast release and slow release respectively to help avoid any crash but it does also have juniper berry to enhance the caffeine effects.

At the prince point of 93p per serving makes it a great mid-stimulant product for someone thinking of moving onto more advanced pre-workouts. You can also get a multibuy discount with the link above.

USN – B4 Bomb

A perfect pre-workout to experiment with!

One scoop gives 3.4g creatine, 4g citrulline, 2g beta-alanine and 200mg caffeine; all of which are minimum recommended doses so starting with one scoop, you can easily work your way up in serving size to find your sweet spot.

One and a half scoops would yield fully recommended doses of creatine, citrulline, beta-alanine and 300mg caffeine which is equivalent to what we would expect from a strong beginner pre workout.

You can even pick this up in ASDA for relatively cheap!

The Rascal

Best for: Value for money (Cheapest cost per serving in our top 10).

EFECTIV – The Edge

Best for: Long lasting sustained energy.

NOTE: This could be classified as a stronger “daily driver” but is borderline.

Discount: Use code WIU5 for 5% off!

Silverrback Nutrition – Rampage

Best for: Pumps

Discount: Use code WIU10 for 10% off!