Rankings: Fast Absorbing Whey Blend

Whey is the best form of protein you can buy. Choosing one of the supplements below means 100% of the protein you consume is from whey. No inferior milk protein, casein protein or plant based protein in sight.

Fast absorption whey blends will contain 2 or all 3 of whey concentrate (standard cheapest form of whey), whey isolate (highest protein content) or whey hydrolysate (fastest absorbing) but most won’t tell us what sort of proportion each are served in.

Most fast absorbing blends will be superior to a pure concentrate but inferior to a pure isolate but give the benefits of the concentrates ability to bring great flavour and consistency whilst giving the nutritional benefit of the isolate. Hydrolysate is fast absorbing but expensive so blending a small amount into a whey blend is good enough for the average gym goer to get a benefit.

Anyway, here’s our top 6. As with all prices displayed at Whey It Up, prices are based on the most cost effective purchasing option and correct at the time of posting.

Applied Nutrition – Critical Whey

Critical whey comes in under £2 per 100g when using our discount code at WolfSupplements.co.uk which is insane value! Value is one of the reasons this product makes our list.

For your money, you’re getting 21g protein (70%) in a 30g serving with 111 kCals, 1.5g fat and 2.2g carbs (1.6g sugars)

This blend is made mostly from whey concentrate but it also mixes isolate and hydrolysate for that increased quality.

Beast Pharm – Whey Premium Protein Complex

Beast Pharm have opted for Lactomin, arguably the highest quality of whey available and although it does tend to yield a lower protein percentage (66 to 68% here), research shows the quality of protein is more important than the protein percentage itself.

This concentrate/isolate blend will provide 20g protein per serving at a cost of £2.01 per 100g with our 10% discount code WHEYITUP. One of the cheapest whey blends on our list!

Reflex – Instant Whey Pro

This whey concentrate and isolate blend provides a 25g serving yielding 20g protein (80%) at 96 kCals with 1g fat and 2.4g carbs (with just 0.6g sugar).

It’s also also packed with digestive enzymes to help you digest the protein more efficiently.

Basic flavours are bang on but the more extravagant (salted caramel) are on the sweet side.

Buying a 4.4kg tub will cost you £2.59 per 100g if using our discount code of RN2522 (if the product isn’t discounted already).

My Protein – The Whey

Given My Protein constantly have voucher codes for a minimum 35% off, you can pick up THE Whey for around £3.07 per 100g at the most if opting for the larger 1.8kg tub. This is slightly pricey but it is a high quality whey.

A 30g serving yields a massive 25g protein (83%) with 123 kCals, 1.1g fat and 2.8g carbs (1.4g sugar).

The protein is made up from isolate, concentrate and hydrolysate (in quantity order) and the label is fully transparent so we can see how good it really is! It also contains digestive enzymes to digest the protein more efficiently.

Illegal Nutrition – Premium Whey

A premium whey for a not so premium price! The flavour of this whey blend is spot on and it mixes perfectly.

Lactomin (70% of the protein content) is arguably the highest quality of whey concentrate available and although it does tend to yield a lower protein percentage (67% here), the quality of protein is more important than the protein percentage itself due to its better digestion.

Provon IsoHi (30% of the protein content) is a part hydrolysed isolate which again is one of the best isolates on the market. High in BCAAs and bioactive peptides, you can see why this is called Premium Protein!

Add to this digestion aids Astragin and Bioperine mean your body will use more protein for muscle repair. Astragin has been shown to increase muscle protein synthesis by 30% and Bioperine shown to increase nutrient absorption by 30% in tests done by the high quality brand.

A serving provides 25g protein (67%) but with the high quality forms of whey, and the absorption agents, this will work like 30 to 35g protein when consumed!

At the price of £2.64 per 100g this premium protein is great value!

Naughty Boy – Whey 100

What a whey this is! Fully transparent label which lists a fast acting blend made up of 52% isolate, 38% concentrate and 10% hydrolysate.

One 33.3g serving provides a massive 27g protein (81%) at 127 kCals with only 0.7g sugar and the taste and mixability of all flavours we’ve tried are amazing.

Naughty Boy have also thrown in some AstraGin and digestive enzymes for more efficient absorption meaning your body will use more protein to repair your muscles to the equivalent of round 35g protein!

Quality is at a premium but so is the price here at £3.50 per 100g. If you’ve not ordered from Naughty Boy before, you get a £5 voucher for making your first purchase via the button above.