Rankings: EAAs

EAAs are Essential Amino Acids, that is, amino acids that cannot be made in the body and have to be consumed. There are 9 of them and they stimulate muscle protein synthesis better than BCAAs alone. You can read more here or just take a look at the best EAA products on the market…

Reflex Nutrition – EAAs

Them minimum dosage of EAAs is recommended at 10g. Reflex have put together the largest serving of EAAs we’ve seen at a whopping 16! Not only this, but with our discount code, you can pick up a tub for just over £20! Further to the EAAs, Reflex have added 10g maltodextrin to give a little intra-workout carb boost and they’ve also included Bioperine which increases the uptake of Leucine (the daddy of all aminos). The only negative is there electrolyte blend is a little underdosed but that’s very common in EAA supplements.

Naughty Boy – Illmatic EAAs

Review coming soon!

Thor Supplements – Aminodin

HR Labs – EAA Hydrate

One of the few EAA supplements that have successfully added a quality hydration and electrolyte panel to their EAAs. The 18.5g serving yields 10g EAAs and although we haven’t trialled this product, if its HR Labs, you can guarantee the flavours will be amazing. What’s more is this is right in line with the cost of other premium EAA products with our discount code at WolfSupplements.com.