Rankings: Clear Protein

Clear protein when mixed with water creates a “juice” rather than a shake. Flavours are normally fruity for this reason. Nutritionally, clear whey is normally made from isolate meaning it’s protein content is high while calories, fat and carbs are low.

As clear protein is a fairly new supplement, there isn’t a lot of companies making it, so here’s out top 6:

6. My Protein – Clear Vegan Protein

Not the most inspiring of products when looking at the 63% protein content with a 16g serving providing 10g protein at 54 kCals, but it’s the going rate for clear vegan (pea) protein.

With My Proteins constant sale, you should be able to pick this up for around 80p per serving (maybe lower) which makes it well priced against competitors.

5. Applied Nutrition – Clear Whey Protein

21.3g protein and 90 kCals in a 25g serving yields a huge 85% protein content and all for just 94p per serving.

Not much else to say!

4. Combat Fuel – Clear Whey Protein

20g protein and 83 kCals in a 24.5g serving yields a big 82% protein content for £1.06 per serving when using our discount code.

Combat Fuel always produce quality supplements and this on is no different with just 0.02g fat per serving and added AstraGin which aids digestion.

This would be our pick in terms of taste and texture.

3. Bodybuilding Warehouse – Pure Fruity Clear

22.6g protein and 94 kCals in a 25g serving yields a massive 90% protein content!

This product comes in at 94p per serving but again, Bodybuilding Warehouse are always offering discount codes and if you catch them at the right time, you can get 60% off which would drop this to 38p!

This is of course providing you buy the the biggest bag possible.

2. Protein Works – Clear Diet Whey

A 20g serving provides 16g protein (80%) at 64 kCals. You’ll find others on the list with higher protein contents but this product has zero sugar and zero fat so it’s extremely low calorie and it also has added metabolism boosters for individuals trying to lose some weight.

As with My Protein, Protein Works also have a constant sale and you should be able to pick this up for roughly 80p per serving, but hopefully less.

If you’re cutting, this could be the clear whey for you!

1. Warrior – Fruity Clear Whey

Our number 1 clear whey comes from Warrior. In terms of nutritional profile, it’s extremely similar to our number 3 product by Bodybuilding Warehouse but this comes in at number 1 due to the guarantee of a lower price and the fact this comes in bags of 20 servings so you can try the four different flavours.

22.6g protein, less that 0.4g carbs and fats and just 94 kCals in a 25g serving. This yields a massive 90% protein content at just 66p with our discount code.

This does have a grainy texture so if taste/texture is your number one priority, take a look at Combat Fuel or Protein Works.