Intra-Workout EAAs

Intra-workout supplements are intended to be consumed during your workout and normally consist of two main ingredients; protein in the form of EAAs or BCAAs and/or carbohydrates. To read more on EAAs, BCAAs and carbohydrates (and why you would want to consume them intra-workout) then please read up in our education centre.

Intra-workout supplements may also have some muscle pump enhancers, some ingredients aimed to hydration, improve performance or even to improve mental focus.

BrandProductEAAs(BCAAs)CarbsCarb TypeOtherCPSCODE
APOLLONOver The Top14.610.020.0Cyclic Dextrin& Performance/Focus£3.83WIU15
APOLLONEnigma14.610.0-& Pump/Performance£2.10WIU15
SUPPLEMENT NEEDSIntra EAA+14.412.0-& Hydration/Pump. Capsules£1.50Multibuy discount
COMBAT FUELEAAs13.010.0-BCAAs 2:1:1£0.91WHEYITUP15
APPLIED NUTRITIONAmino Fuel11.06.0-2.5g Glutamine£0.63Multibuy discount
STROMEssential Max EAA10.38.0& Hydration£1.00Multibuy discount
HR LABSHydra EAA10.07.5& Hydration£1.05WHEYITUP10
THOR SUPPLEMENTSAminodin10.06.6With Velocitol & Hydration£1.07
ALPHA LIONSuper Human Intra EAA10.06.0-3.75g Hydration£0.83Multibuy discount
EHP LABSBCAA & EAA10.08.02.0-£1.00Multibuy discount
NAUGHTY BOYIllmatic EAA10.07.0-BCAAs 2:1:1£1.17Coupon with link
NAUGHTY BOYIllmatic Burn10.07.0-& Fat burning£1.17Coupon with link
GHOSTAmino10.04.51.0-BCAAs 4:1:1 & Hydration£0.8320% with link
OPTIMUM NUTRITIONEAA Energy10.07.4-With caffeine£0.81
HR LABSNo Code V210.06.91.1-& Hydration£1.33
CONTEH SPORTSEssential Gains9.88.0& Hydration£1.03
GORILLALPHAIntra Pump9.55.0& Pump/Hydration£2.00Multibuy discount
PROTEIN WORKSEssential Amino Acids9.04.8£0.35
ALPHA NEONAmino P8.26.0& Pump/Hydration£1.27
MURDERED OUTScreaam8.2£0.93Multibuy discount
NAUGHTY BOYIllmatic Intra Carb EAA8.05.031.03 sources& Performance/Focus£2.30Coupon with link
CHAOS CREWAmino8.06.0& Pump/Hydration£1.19
CNPLoaded EAA7.54.4-£0.53Multibuy discount
FIREBALL LABZAmino Lust7.46.0& Hydration£0.80WIU10
AXE & SLEDGEThe Grind7.35.0& Hydration£1.10Multibuy discount
NATIVE STRENGTHTomohawk6.55.0& 1.8g collagen£1.00
WARRIOREAAs?5.22.3Cyclic Dextrin£0.46WSWHEYITUP