DMAA & DMHA Pre-Workout Supplements

These products contain illegal ingredients such as DMAA & DMHA. Below the table is a list of the main ingredients and the effect they may have if ingested. For more information on ingredients, visit our pre-workout section in our education centre.

DARK LABSCrack£2.0040012000000000WIU5%
DARK LABSCrack Gold£1.71500100200003000001WIU5%
DARK LABSHerolean£1.303001002000025000103WIU5%
KOKA LABSDexter Halloween£1.633501001000000030WIU5%
SKULL LABSAngel Dust£1.2430010010007002000202WIU5%
DARK LABSUndead King£2.4752503501507505000001.8WIU5%
DARK LABSFlame£1.124000300005000001.5WIU5%
VICE & VIBESSmack£2.043500300002500000WIU5%
DARK LABSCrack Barbarian£2.1552502501007505000001.8WIU5%
DNM NUTRAHelios£1.204000250002500030WIU5%
CONDEMNED LABZConvict£1.2330002250000030WIU5%
AGRESSIVE LABSFaze 2£1.7750002050000050WIU5%
KOKA LABSExplosion£1.84380020005002500001WIU5%
KOKA LABSLe Royal£1.563500200001500010.5WIU5%
KOKA LABSDexter£1.30350020000150001.50WIU5%
NUTRA INNOVATIONSDeity£1.62375020000300001.52WIU5%
GOD STATUS LABZZues£1.34400020003502500000WIU5%
ELEV8 SUPPLEMENTSDecim8£2.534500200002000000WIU5%
I-PREVAILRogue PW£1.243250200001000000WIU5%
KILO LABSHybrid£1.464000200001000000WIU5%
BLACKSTONE LABSDust X£1.523500150050000000
FREEDOM FORMULATIONSRowdy£1.303000150000002.50WIU5%
HUGE NUTRITIONWrecked Extreme4180150002000001
KOKA LABSOxystim£1.48100010002000010.5WIU5%
EXTREMIS CARTELEL JEFE£1.854750002005000032WIU5%
GOD STATUS LABZLeviathan£1.17400000Y300200000WIU5%
USP LABSJack3d£2.50405YY000Y00WIU5%
AGRESSIVE LABSKreed (Terrorr Edition)£1.24YYYYY00Y0WIU5%
IMPERIAL NUTRITIONExcelsior£2.77?????????
BADASS LABZThe Russian Power£1.93Y0000YY00YWIU5%

Table abbreviations:

CPS = Cost per serving, CAF = Caffeine, PHE = Phenylethylamine, EJ = Eria Jarensis, Y BA = Yohimbe bark extract, YHCL = Yohimbine HCL, A YO = Alpha Yohimbine.

Ingredient information:

Ingredient: DMAA/1,3-dimethylamylamine/rose geranium/geranium oil/geranium stems

DMAA is an amphetamine derivative which is illegal in sports supplements. The FDA has stated it is potentially harmful. It noticeably increases strength, performance and exercise capacity and also give laser sharp focus due to the onset of the “fight of flight” response. It also aids in mood elevation and can provide a euphoric focus. It can also come with a nasty crash after.

It has been illegal since 2013 but you can still find the ingredient in some pre-workouts (Dark Labs – Crack). Natural DMAA comes from the geranium plant so sometimes you will see these listed on labels if used over the lab made synthetic DMAA.

Ingredient: DMHA/2-aminoisoheptaine/dimethylhexylamine

DMHA became popular in pre-workout supplements when DMAA became illegal in 2013. It has extremely similar effects but is anecdotally safer to consume and not quite as strong (70-75mg DMAA is likened to 200mg DMHA).

Ingredient: DMBA (2-amino-4-methylpentane/1,3-dimethylbutylamine/AMP)

DMBA is another ingredient that made it’s way into pre-workouts after the fall of DMAA. It is less potent than DMAA (and DMHA slightly) but it’s chemical structure is extremely similar to DMAA and anecdotally gives a more euphoric, less gritty stimulant feeling than it’s cousin.

Ingredient: Phenylethylamine

Derived from phenylalanine, this is a much more potent ingredient that provides more energy and a high sense of euphoria. Phenylethylamine is illegal as a drug which gives a euphoric high, but there is grey area which is why the ingredient may be listed in some “legal high” drugs.

Ingredient: Eria Jarensis Extract/Capuaca Extract/nn-dimethylphenylethylamine/n-pheneythl dimethlymine/nn-DMPEA

A (legal) mild stimulant which has more of an effect on cognition, focus and mood. It’s effects are quite unique when comparing it to other legal focus and mood enhancers as this ingredient gives a quite euphoric feel providing mental clarity. It certainly isn’t as strong as DMAA but it might be one of the next best things. Doses normally range from 100mg to 250mg.

Ingredient: Yohimbe bark extract/Yohimbine HCL/Alpha Yohimbine/Rauwolfia Vomitoria

From the yohimbe tree in Africa, yohimbine stimulates the part of the nervous system responsible for heart rate and respiratory rate, speeding them up. This releases neurotransmitters into your blood which make you more alert and more prepared to take on whatever challenge is thrown your way. This also increases blood flow, energy and performance.

This legal, powerful ingredient is also a thermogenic and aids weight loss so expect to get a bit hot and sweaty, and also some shortness of breath especially if doses are high so avoid this on cardio days. Yohimbine HCL tends to be a bit more potent with Alpha Yo a bit smoother. The sweet spot for most is 3mg bark extract, 2mg HCL or 1mg Alpha Yo (Rauwolfia Vomitoria). Yohimbine will supress appetite.


  • Supplements may contain illegal ingredients. This page is for information purposes only. does not advise the use of these products.
  • Label strength does not always match actual effects and each product may effect each individual differently.
  • Ingredients in these products can cause insomnia, loss of appetite and other negative side effects if consumes. Always do your research.
  • Some supplements listed may contain ingredients that could cause an individual to fail a drug test.
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