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Wolf Supplements – Wolf Juice

Advanced pre-workout.

To read more about pre-workouts and ingredients commonly found in them go to the pre-workout page in our education centre.

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Straight off the bat looking at the label I can see this pre-workout is not for beginners. With 300mg of caffeine (4 to 6 cups of coffee depending on strength), full recommended doses of citrulline, beta-alanine and creatine, I knew it was going to pack a punch at £1 per serving. In fact, a half dose of wolf juice will provide the same nutrition as a lot of other full dose pre-workouts.

So why don’t you just take half a serving at 50 pence per serving?

Well the Caffeine might be enough for your personal preference, but you’re then halving the well thought out doses of the other ingredients. If you want something with less caffeine, it might be worth looking elsewhere.

The blue guava flavour is sweet. Finding a good tasting pre-workout can sometimes be tricky but this does a good job. A flavour I’d liken a bit to bubble gum. It mixes well and goes down easily. Forbidden fruit equally as good and equally as sweet. It taste fruity but I wouldn’t be able to tell you which fruit it taste of.

A minute or so after drinking one serving mixed with cold water, the caffeine hits quickly and after 5 minutes on the bike and 5 minutes of mobility exercises I have an intense feeling of controlled energy and focus and a little later the beta-alanine takes hold and I get a pleasant tingle. It’s not overpowering like some pre-workouts which can leave you scratching your face off.

It’s at this point where I notice the difference between this product and other pre-workouts I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a few in my 15 years in the gym). The energy is INTENSE but I’m not jittery or on edge. I’m controlled and focused and there’s nothing stopping me from leaving the gym having decimated the weights and my muscles. Truly impressive and the main reason I’ll be buying again.

On to the weights (back day) and straight away I’m repping more than normal smashing an easy 10 reps on a big bent row when normally I manage 8. My rests are shorter because of the intense alertness and energy (although I admit I can be a bit generous with my rests normally) and my lats are full and filling out my t-shirt due to the citrulline giving my muscles a good pump.

Workout finished an hour later and the energy is still there due to the beta-alanine so I couldn’t resist a quick bicep blast. By the end of the workout my biceps are FULL and I can hardly reach my opposite ear to take out my earphones (of which I may be the only person in the entire gym to still have old school wired in-ears). The citrulline working at its peak.

The only negative (if I’m searching for something to be critical) is that although I got visually and physically good pumps, I’ve “felt” better pumps before. The addition of some betaine or glycine would make this the pre-workout spot on.

Overall, this is one of the best pre-workouts I’ve taken. Wolf Supplements have created a high quality and (more importantly) nutritionally effective pre-workout which ticks every box.

[Adds glycine to basket]

For 10% off use code: wheyitup10

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