Smart Protein

“Smart Protein is a premium nutritional supplement brand, dedicated to bringing you the highest quality protein and wellness products with competitive pricing.”

Smart Protein used to be fairly unique in that it offered drastically cut prices for subscribers at £9.99 per month. The subscription model has gone but the brand and the products remain the same. Unfortunately, their website does not disclose a lot of nutritional information for their products so we have been unable to provide full break downs.

Smart Protein - Protein

ProductTypeOtherServkCalsFatCarbsPro% Pro
Pro WheyConcentrate301.61.72170%
Pro IsolateIsolate301040.30.12480%
Super WheyIsolate/Concentrate30
Instant Protein PorrigeHigh protein meal401381948%
Protein GranolaHigh protein meal40


NameTypeCost per servingEnFoPu
Power UpPreworkout£1.17

SMART PROTEIN - Performance

NameTypeServingkCalsPro.CarbsBCAACreatineCost per serving
BCAA RecoveryBCAA 4:1:15g165050£0.44
Green ElixirSuper greens5g22.90.92.500£1.00
Metabolic ChargeFat Burner1 tab£0.26
Essential MultivitaminsVitamins1 tab£0.60
Smart BrainNootropic2 tabs£0.97
Omega Fish OilOmega 3
Probiotic 10Gut Health
Inner GlowHair/Nail/Skin
Night RepairSleep Aid
Super TonicCollagen30ml£2.56