“Redcon1 – America’s Favourite Supplement Brand”

REDCON1 is a military-inspired, mission-based company founded on a simple principle — create the highest quality supplements for people who need to get the most out of their workout and workday

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Cost per serving prices below listed with 20% deducted where appropriate.

Redcon1 - Pre-Workouts, Fat Burners, Nootropics, Sleep Aids

Total WarPre-Workout15 Servings
Total WarPre-Workout30 Servings
Big NoiseStimulant Free Pre
Double TapFat BurnerPowder
Double TapFat BurnerTablets
Fade OutSleep Aid
War GamesNootropic
Mental TriggerFocus formula
FubarEnergy "shot"12 pack
Total WarReady to drink Pre12 pack
Redcon1 BarsProtein Bars12 pack
Beta-AlanineEndurance3.2g servings
CitrullinePumps3g serving

Redcon1 - Performance and Recovery

BreachBCAAs6g BCAA serving
Breach + EnergyIntra-Workout6g BCAA + 175mg caffeine
Green BeretVegan ProteinBlend
MREProtein Shake4 pack
Redcon1 BarsProtein Bars12 pack
War Zone"Muscle Builder"
11 Bravo"Muscle Builder"mTOR Activation
RPGMimics insulinUtilise carbs more effectively
BCAABCAAs unflavoured5g BCAA serving