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  • Weight/Mass Gain & All-In-Ones – Table 2
  • Meal Replacements – Table 3
  • Performance Powders (Creatine, BCAAs) – Table 4
  • Energy (Pre-workouts) – Table 5
  • Carbs & Fat – Table 6

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Protein Works - Protein

ProductTypeOtherServing (g)kCalsFatCarbsProtein% Pro
Diet Whey Protein Isolate 90IsolateStandard isolate25910.21.12288%
Soy Protein 90 (Isolate)VeganSoybean only301100.3125.986%
Vegan WondershakeVegan BlendPea/Soy/Hemp/Rice25890.71.32184%
Vegan ProteinVegan Blend5 Sources301110.61.12583%
Brown Rice Protein 80VeganBrown rice only301151.61.92480%
Whey Protein 80 (Concentrate)Concentrate25991.72.12080%
Clear Diet WheyClear "Juice"Metabolism Boosters2064001680%
Vegan Protein ExtremeVegan Blend5 Sources + Vitamins351290.71.82880%
Egg White Protein 80EggSlow release301010.11.623.779%
Whey Protein 360 ExtremeBlend5 Sources/Glutamine/Vitamins351341.922777%
Pea Protein 80VeganPea only301241.72.12377%
100% Micellar ProteinCaseinSlow release301020.412377%
Whey Protein 360Blend5 Sources301171.922377%
Diet Whey Complex ExtremeDiet Blend4 Sources + Diet nutrients3010711.32377%
Diet Vegan ProteinVegan BlendSoy/Pea/Hemp + Diet nutrients30110122273%
Diet Whey ComplexDiet BlendConcentrate/Soy + Diet nutrients301131.33.22170%
UpgradePlant/WheyPea, concentrate & soy301141.54.12170%

Protein Works - Weight/Mass Gainers & All-In-Ones

ProductTypeOtherServing (g)kCalsFatCarbs% CarbsPro% Pro
All In One Protein The WorksAll-In-OneCreatine/Glutamine/Leucine702252.621.831%27.840%
Recovery ProteinWeight GainBCAAs752681.24155%22.630%
Total Mass MatrixWeight Gain120476116453%3025%
Vegan Mass GainerWeight Gain Vegan1254413.47157%3326%
Vegan Mass Gainer ExtremeWeight Gain VeganGlutamine200741812060%4925%
Total Mass Matrix ExtremeWeight GainCreatine/Glutamine/Vitamins2659661316161%5420%

Protein Works - Weight Control/Meal Replacement

ProductTypeOtherServingkCalsFatCarbsSuPro% Pro
Complete 360 MealRecovery/MealVitamins10040010451.93030%
Vegan Complete 360 MealRecovery/Meal VeganVitamins100400114513030%
Protein Porrige 360Meal752794.7413.22128%
Diet Meal ReplacementMealVitamins702494.632.23.22029%
Vegan Diet Meal ReplacementMeal702443.2343.62029%
Breakfast Fuel Protein ShakeMealVitamins602253.617.82.429.249%
Vegan Diet Meal Replacement ExtremeMeal VeganDiet Nutrients602093.518.11.42542%
Diet Meal Replacement ExtremeMealDiet Nutrients602042.7190.62440%
Diet Breakfast SmoothieMealDiet Nutrients552064182.32240%
Diet Whey Complex ExtremeDiet Protein Blend3 Sources + Diet nutrients3010711.30.12377%
Diet Vegan ProteinDiet Protein Vegan3 Sources + Diet nutrients30110120.32273%
Diet Whey ComplexDiet Protein BlendWhey/Soy + Diet nutrients301131.33.20.32170%

Protein Works - Performance

NameTypeServingBCAAEAACreatineGlutamineD AcidCarnitine
BCAA PowderBCAAs 2:2:15500000
BCAA Extreme4:1:2 + Vitamins9900000
Essential Amino AcidsEAAs9590000
D Aspartic AcidTestosterone booster3000030
Acetyl L CarnitineCarnitine0.5000000.5
100% CreapureCreapure5005000
Creatine MonohydrateMonohydrate5005000
Creatine ExtremePre-workout20007000

Protein Works - Pre-Workout

Raze Burner (Fat burner)Pre-workout100.20022.50101
Raze ExtremePre-workout120.203.51.530.50.500
Raze Zero-CaffPre-workout12003.5031.5000

From left to right: Serving size, calories, protein, carbohydrates, caffeine, BCAAs, creatine, beta-alanine, citrulline, taurine, tyrosine, glutamine, carnitine. To read more information on pre-work supplements visit our education centre.

Protein Works - Carbs & Fats

Pure fine instant oatsCarbsSlow Release1003678.456.112.1
MCTFatFast Release1076.