PHD Nutrition

“At PhD, we believe in maximising the things you can do, instead of punishing yourself for what you can’t. Whether it’s an extra rep or a recovery day, we know that small choices drive big impact. That’s why we’ve spent years optimising our range, scrutinising the science behind every ingredient, giving you products that work smarter and taste better, to help you get more out of each day. So from your morning boost to your evening refuel, we make it easier for you to upgrade your everyday.”

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Lean Mega Bundle

PHD - Protein

ProductTypeOtherServingkCalsFatSatCarbsSugPro% Pro
100% WheyConcentrate25971.511.41.32080%
100% Plant ProteinPea & Soya259910102288%
Diet Whey ProteinWhey/Milk/SoyaMetabolism boosters25911.
Diet Plant ProteinPea & SoyaMetabolism boosters25920.
Smart ProteinConcentrate/Milk301142.
Smart Protein PlantPea & Soya25960.90.11.802080%
Smart Clear WheyHydrolysateClear "Juice"25850.10102080%

PHD - Weight Gain/Loss

ProductTypeOtherServkCalsFatSatCarbs% CarbSuPro% Pro
Advanced MassWeight Gainer300114617.73.9188.463%6.349.817%
Diet Whey MealMeal ReplacementMetabolism Boosters552093.60.81629%0.82647%
Smart BreakfastMeal Replacement84g caffeine602203.60.92033%0.92643%
Synergt All-In-OneAll-In-OneCreatine & Vitamins662553.60.61523%1.54061%
Life - Complete PowderMeal ReplacementVegan6025061.11627%13050%

PHD - Protein Bars

ProductOtherServkCalsFatSatCarbs% CarbSuPro% Pro
Smart Bar642381172336%0.62031%
Smart Bar Variety642381172336%0.62031%
Smart Bar PlantSoya/Pea/Pumpkin642651471828%0.72031%
Smart Bar Half Size321205.43.51238%1.11031%
Smart Cake602241052338%1.61525%
Diet Whey BarAdded Carnitine632096.43.923.738%2.319.932%
Diet Plant BarCarnitine & Green Tea551998.551935%0.31629%
Protein Flapjack752706.62.83749%21925%

PHD - Other

BurnFat Burner
Lean DegreeFat Burner
Intra BCAA+4:1:1 BCAA
BCAA - Capsules10 caps = 5g BCAA's
EAA's6 caps = 6g EAA's
Prime ManMultivitamin
Prime WomanMultivitamin
Advanced multivitaminMultivitamin
Daily multivitaminMultivitamin
Vitamin D3Vitamin D3
HydroHydration & Vitamins
Super GreensNutrients
Daily Omega 3Omega 3
High Strength Omega 3Omega 3
Test MatrixTestosterone Support
Life - RelaxNootropic
Life - Mind CapsulesNootropic Support
Life - Mind PowderNootropic Support
Life - Reset CapsulesSleep Aid
Life - Reset PowderSleep Aid
Life - Vital CapsulesNutrients
Life - Vital Reds PowderNutrients
Life - Vital GummiesNutrients
Life - Move CapsulesJoint & Bone support
Life - Move PowderJoint & Bone support
Life - BoostImmunity Support
Life - Digest PowderMicrobiotic
Life - Digest GummiesMicrobiotic
Life - Digest CapsulesMicrobiotic