The Gold Standard of Sports Nutrition

“Optimum Nutrition has been trusted to provide the highest quality in post-workout recovery, pre-workout energy and on-the-go sports nutrition products for over 30 years and in 90+ countries worldwide. We hold ourselves to the highest production standards from our strict ingredients selection, quality control, lab testing and manufacturing processes, all for one reason: to provide you with the highest quality sports nutrition products available.”

ON specialise in high quality products. They don’t have a wide range like some other supplement brands but they refine and improve the supplements they make until they reach their high “gold standard”. You can go directly to the website by clicking the logo above.

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  • Protein (Whey, Isolate, Vegan, Hydrolysed) – Table 1
  • Weight Gain and Control – Table 2
  • Performance (Creatine, BCAAs) – Table 3
  • Energy (Pre-workouts) – Table 4

ON - Protein

ProductTypeOtherServing (g)kCalsFatSatCarbsSugarsProtein
Gold Standard 100% WheyConcentrate5.5g BCAAs301131.
Gold Standard 100% CaseinCaseinSlow release331170.
Gold Standard 100% IsolateIsolate5.5 BCAAs301110.
Lean WheyConcentrate23.1851.
Platinum HydrowheyHydrolysed Isolate9.5g BCAAs401420.40.11.8130https://tidd.ly/3cIAviy
Gold Standard 100% PlantVegan4g BCAAs361442.

ON - Weight Gain/Management & Meal Replacement

Opti-Lean MealMeal5120062.2151.520https://tidd.ly/3cNXs3H
Serious MassWeight Gainer3g Creatine33412675.422542750https://tidd.ly/3cHvkzy
Gold Standard GainerWeight Gainer203771128.21051055https://tidd.ly/3CH0dOR

ON - Performance

NameTypeServingkCalsPro.CarbsBCAACreatineGlutamineOther Amino
Micronised Creatine PowderCreatine Mono3.400003.400https://tidd.ly/2ZibZll
Creatine 2500 CapsCreatine Mono2.500002.500https://tidd.ly/3xfbOng
Glutamine PowderGlutamine50000050https://tidd.ly/3HNdZ6i
BCAA 5000BCAA 2:1:15.80505000https://tidd.ly/3CIAPIB
BCAA 1000 CapsBCAA 2:1:120202000https://tidd.ly/3DNR5JQ
Amino Superior 2222Amino Acids3.803.800.900.72.2https://tidd.ly/3HGzlCm
Gold Standard BCAA Train & SustainBCAA + Energy9.532505000https://tidd.ly/3CQi5Hc
Pro BCAABCAA 2:1:119.5681308050https://tidd.ly/3oXLU3x

ON - Energy

Essential Amin.O EnergyPre-Workout92850.10.1200.350.250.50.2510.2https://tidd.ly/3loMVRB
Gold Standard Pre-WorkoutPre-Workout110000.1803.41.50.7500.2500.4https://tidd.ly/3cFK8OX
EAA EnergyPre-Workout165715.50.10.11300.36000.3700.7https://tidd.ly/3HNO4M4
Gold Standard Plant Pre-WorkoutPre-Workout80000.0900000000https://tidd.ly/3HQi3me
Gold Standard AdvancedPre-Workout210300.2303.260101https://tidd.ly/3rxxQiA

From left to right: Serving size, calories, protein, carbohydrates, caffeine, BCAAs, creatine, beta-alanine, citrulline, taurine, tyrosine, glutamine, carnitine. To read more information on pre-work supplements visit our education centre.