Naughty Boy

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Menace Pre-Workout Review

Naughty Boy - Pre-Workouts/Fat Burners/Nootropics/Creatine

Menace Pre-WorkoutPre-Workout140.403.2401001.30.60
Winter Soldier Pre-WorkoutPre-Workout130.404001.50000.60
Winter Soldier Pump & FocusStim Free003.21001.51.5500.60
Sick Pump TMStim Free19.500060102.52.601
Sick Pump RStim Free1700062003001.5
Sick Pump Nitro 120 Veggie Caps6 caps pre-workout00000000001.5
Sick Pump ThermoStim Free & Thermo02060013201.5
Sick Pump SynergyStim Free22003.26010320.30
The DripThermogenics100.4000012.5000.60
The Drip 75 Veggie Caps3 caps daily0.30000000000
Illmatic BurnThermogenics & EAA14.500000010000
Wise GuyNootropics701000000000
Crea-TingCreatine & Astragin5.105000000000

SER = Serving, CAF = Caffeine, CRE = Creatine, B-AL = Beta-Alanine, CIT = Citrulline, TAU = Taurine, TYR = Tyrosine, CAR = Carnitine, BET = Betaine, GLY = Glycine, AGPC = Alpha GPC, NIT = Nitrosigine, CPS = Cost Per Serving. Please note that these are common ingredients across products and each product has other ingredients not listed.

Naughty Boy – Whey Protein

What a whey this is! Fully transparent label which lists a fast acting blend made up of 52% isolate, 38% concentrate and 10% hydrolysate.

One 33.3g serving provides a massive 27g protein (81%) at 127 kCals.

Naughty Boy have also thrown in some AstraGin for quicker absorption and digestive enzymes for more efficient absorption.

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Naughty Boy - Other

Whey ProteinFast release27g protein
Illmatic EAAEAA's10g EAA's
Illmatic BCAABCAA's7g BCAA
Illmatic IntraPerformance
Illmatic Intra Carb EAAPerformanceCarbs & EAAs
Cream Of The CropCream of riceCarbohydrates
Bran NewDetox
The TurkTurkestrone
ACTMinerals& Electrolytes
Ghetto GearPerformance