More Formula

More Formula was founded in June 2021 by husband and wife Lee and Shannon, with a passion for the fitness industry and a drive to bring only the best to the table. 

After years of disappointment with supplements that were poor quality, under dosed and over priced, they had a vision to create their own brand of top tier products customers could trust time and time again.

”We’re always striving to do better and have a desire to bring you exceptional products that are extremely effective and have 100% fully transparent labels and zero proprietary blends. Our ingredients are at clinical dosages and clearly labelled to give you the confidence to know exactly what you are taking. We will be here every step of your fitness journey to help you formulate your physique.” – Lee and Shan 

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Bangarang Pre-Workout


Juicy Pump Stim Free Pre-Workout

Label: Pump = 10/10, Focus = 8/10