Maximuscle products use scientific innovation to help you achieve your individual goals. Our scientists have worked hard to ensure you get what you need to reach your potential. Our range of sports nutrition supplements use scientifically-proven ingredients including Maximuscle protein, creatine, micronutrients and a number of other key ingredients to give you tailored support.

Maximuscle - Multi-Buys

ProgainWeight Gainer2
Promax LeanDiet Protein2
Promax RestoreProtein Blend2
ThermobolFat Burner2
ProgainWeight Gainer3
Promax LeanDiet Protein3
Promax RestoreProtein Blend3
ThermobolFat Burner3

Maximuscle - Protein

BrandProductTypeOtherServingkCalsFatSatCarbsSugPro% Pro
MAXIMUSCLEPromax LeanDiet ProteinMetabolism Boosters351260.
MAXIMUSCLEPromax RestoreProtein BlendConcentrate/Isolate/Hydrolysate3512910.72.11.82777.1%
MAXIMUSCLEMax WheyConcentrateContains real fruit301121.
MAXIMUSCLERaw MaxConcentrate301131.
MAXIMUSCLEPlant MaxVegan ProteinPea & Brown Rice301081.

Maximuscle - Mass & Carbs

BrandProductTypeOtherServingkCalsFatSatCarbsSugPro% ProCost Per Serving
MAXIMUSCLECyclone StrengthAll-in-one5g Creatine6020110.7123.53151.7%
MAXIMUSCLEProgainWeight GainerFast & slow protein + Carbs120500135.2545.33730.8%
MAXIMUSCLEMax OatsOatsHigh Protein702595.

Maximuscle - Other

ThermobolFat Burner
Protein MilkProtein Shake
Protein BitesProtein Snack
Natural BarsVegan Snack
Protein BarsProtein Snack
BCAA5g BCAA 3:1:1