German Pharma

German Pharma are known for producing non-steroidal muscle building enhancers which can lead to an increase in lean muscle muscle mass without the suppression or negative effects that steroids or pro-hormones can bring. These also won’t be as powerful and should not be seen as an alternative to steroids.

German Pharma products (including their colab pre-workout with the Review Bro’s) can be found at prohormones UK who, quite ironically, don’t actually stock or sell prohormones (effectively legal steroids) at the time of writing this. Below are all products sold at Prohormones UK.

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Pre-Workouts (Prohormones UK)

BrandProductEnFoPuOvExtreme RatingEx
GERMAN PHARMAPR35755.74. Low daily4. Low daily
GERMAN PHARMADaily Driver (Review Bros)7887.76. Strong daily6 Strong daily
APPLIED NUTRITIONAll Black Everything (ABE)4233.01. Low beginner1. Low beginner
WAZZTwisted6465.34. Low daily3. Strong beginner
WAZZTwisted (x2)6465.34. Low daily3. Strong beginner
GERMAN PHARMAPR3 Pump----Non Stim Pump-
GERMAN PHARMAPR3 & PR3 Pump----Pre and pump -
NEUTRA LABSNitro Pump----Non Stim Pump-
NUETRA LABSFuse (BLEND)????Preworkout Blend-
PURE LABSVaso Pump----Non Stim Pump-

Muscle Builders & Other (Prohormones UK)

PNIPure protein advancedWhey Concentrate/Egg/Casein30g
GERMAN PHARMATestbolIncrease muscle mass2 caps
GERMAN PHARMAMegatrenIncrease muscle mass2 caps
GERMAN PHARMATurkesteroneIncrease muscle mass500mg
GERMAN PHARMABeta EcdysteroneIncrease muscle mass500mg
NTRL HEALTHTurkesteroneIncrease muscle mass1000mg
GERMAN PHARMAEpicatechinIncrease muscle mass300mg
GERMAN PHARMAHydroxybolIncrease muscle mass200mg
GERMAN PHARMATren-XIncrease muscle mass3 caps
GERMAN PHARMAFadogia AgrestisTestosterone booster500mg
GERMAN PHARMACardio MaxBoost Cardio3 caps
GERMAN PHARMAKetosteroneBone & joint support3 caps
GERMAN PHARMAApigeninHormone optimiser150mg
GERMAN PHARMATongkay AliMale virility500mg
GERMAN PHARMACreatine MonohydrateIncrease muscle mass3360mg
GERMAN PHARMACreatine MonohydrateIncrease muscle mass5000mg
MUSCLE GEEKCissusIncrease muscle mass1500mg
NEUTRA LABSLaxogeninIncrease muscle mass105mg
EDEN HEALTHAlpha MaleTestosterone booster2 caps

Health & Nootropics (Prohormones UK)

GERMAN PHARMAJoint SupportJoint support3 caps
GERMAN PHARMAKetosteroneBone & joint support3 caps
GERMAN PHARMAMilk ThistleLiver support2 caps
GERMAN PHARMAVitamin D3Vitamin D35000iu
GERMAN PHARMAZMAZinc, Magnesium, Vit B63 caps
GERMAN PHARMAL-Arginine + CitrullineNitric oxide booster1745g
GERMAN PHARMAAshwagandaReduce stress hormones1300mg
GERMAN PHARMAOmega-3Essential fatty acids1000mg
GERMAN PHARMAKorean GinsengAnti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory500mg
GERMAN PHARMABerberineFat loss1500mg
GERMAN PHARMASpermidineImprove cell health6mg
GERMAN PHARMAAlpha GPC 99%Improved mental focus600mg
GERMAN PHARMACardio MaxBoost Cardio3 caps
GERMAN PHARMAApigeninHormone optimiser150mg
GERMAN PHARMATongkay AliMale virility500mg
NTRL HEALTH COMushroom 9 complexNootropic2 caps