Combat Fuel

“Combat Fuel is a supplement company founded by a veteran of the British Army. It is our aim to supply supplements of the highest standard to aid any type of physical training.

You categorically will not fail a CDT (Compulsory Drugs Test) with our products. All formulations are our own; we know what works and what doesn’t, backed by years of scientific research to deliver you the highest-quality supplements available. From pre-workouts to whey and vegan protein powders, all at excellent prices, choose Combat Fuel.”

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Combat Fuel - Protein & Carbs

ProductTypeOtherServingkCalsFatCarbsPro% ProCPS
Premium WheyProteinConcentrate/Isolate301171.43.12376.7%£0.71
Clear Whey"Juice" like shakeAstraGin for absorption24.58300.52081.6%£1.06
Premium Vegan ProteinVegan proteinPea/Soya301060.71.82480.0%£0.71
Cyclic DextrinCarbsFast absorbing3010602700.0%£0.77
Chocolate PB CupsProtein snack40210148.41332.5%£1.70

Combat Fuel - Pre-Workout & Performance

The Pre-Workout18.50.4003.561.51.51.500.800
Creatine Monohydrate5005000000000
EAA's & Electrolytes0.7 Electrolytes17.50130000000000

Left to right: Serving, caffeine, EAA’s, creatine, beta-alanine, citrulline, taurine, tyrosine, betaine, glycine, alpha gpc, nitrosigine, vaso-6

The Pre-Workout