Alpha Neon

Alpha Neon are a diamond in the rough; possibly on purpose as they don’t have an “about” section on their website but following their Instagram account and it’s obvious what they’re all about. Alpha Neon stand for exactly what all supplement companies should stand for and that’s unique, innovative, effective, high quality and well priced products. They stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons, whether they want to or not.

You’ll struggle to find a bad product made by Alpha Neon. Their protein is one of the best on the market and their pre-workouts are some of the best you can buy; and when you find out Darkside is just 60p per serving (3rd best when compared to over 80 transparently labelled pre-workouts on our database) it really does make you appreciate the brand even more.

Darkside Onslaught Review

Darkside Review

Alpha Neon - Pre-Workout

ProductTypeDiscount CodeComparisonBuy
Darkside Onslaught UltimaHigh Stim All-Rounder to store
Darkside OnslaughtHigh Stim All-Rounder to store
Darkside V2High Stim to store
Darkside Reload (Pills)High Stim Energy to store
Maximum Carnage v2Daily Pre-Workout to store
Dark ShredFat Burner Pre-Workout to store
Amino PPump product + EAAs Intra to store
Pumped TFNon-Stim Pump Pre-Workout to store
  • Extreme ratings: 1-3 – Beginner, 4-6 – Advanced users, 7-9 – High stimulant products (stim junkies only), 10 – The most potent pre-workouts on the market with no illegal ingredients.
  • Column headings: CPS = Cost Per Serving, En = Energy, Fo = Focus, Pu = Pump, Ov = Overall Strength, Ex = Extreme rating (Ratings out of 10)
  • All pre-workout strength ratings are based on label ingredients at max recommended dosage.
  • Our rating system is based on each ingredient and carefully designed by Whey It Up to ensure consistency across ratings.
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Alpha Neon - Other

ProductTypeOtherDiscount CodeComparisonBuy
GlycoswoleGlycose Disposal AgentMimics insulin To Store
Super 4 (Protein)Fast & slow release protein28.9g per 35g serving To Store
Creatine HCLCreatine Hydrochloride To Store
Neon DreamsSleep Aid To Store
I-ApocalypseIntra-WorkoutCyclic Dextrin + Pump/Performance To Store
Hydron8Hydration To Store
SynergizOrgan Support To Store
Syner-JointJoint Support To Store