Alpha Lion

Alpha Lion is an American brand stocked at Discount Supplements (among other retailers) that is known primarily for its pre-workouts and fat burners. There are some products you won’t find at Discount Supplements as they may not be UK compliant. Do check out Cross The Limits to see if they’re stocked there. Whey It Up have a 5% discount code: WIU5%

Products stocked at Discount Supplements:

Superhuman SportPre-WorkoutCompareGo to store
Superhuman Pre-WorkoutPre-WorkoutCompareGo to store
Superhuman SupremePre-WorkoutCompareGo to store
Superhuman PumpPre-WorkoutStim FreeCompareGo to store
Superhuman GreensGreensGo to store
Superhuman Burn 2OFat BurnerStim Free - RTDGo to store
Superhuman ScorchFat BurnerRTDGo to store
Gains Candy MitoBurnFat BurnerCapsGo to store
Gains Candy CaloriBurnFat BurnerCapsGo to store
Gains Candy GlucoVantageGDA/Weight loss aidCapsGo to store
Superhuman Test BoosterTest boosterCapsGo to store
Superhuman MuscleNatural muscle builderCapsGo to store
Gains Candy RipFactorNatural muscle builderCapsGo to store
Gains Candy S7 pump & performancePump ingredientCapsGo to store

Products stocked at Cross The Limits (5% off with code: WIU5%)

Superhuman ExtremePre-WorkoutCompareGo to store
Superhuman BurnFat burnerStim FreeGo to store
Gains Candy - NitrosiginePump ingredientCapsGo to store
Apex BurnFat burnerGo to store
Night BurnFat burnerCapsGo to store
Cravings KillerAppetite SuppressorCapsGo to store
Superhuman PostCreatine& BetaineCompareGo to store
Superhuman GutDigestion aidGo to store
Superhuman IntraEAAs& HydrationCompareGo to store
Superhuman SleepSleep aidCompareGo to store